Surgery for congenital hand difference aims primarily to improve function, but can also improve the aesthetic appearance of children’s hands. The wide range of hand difference is treated with many different hand operations. Most commonly hand difference is addressed between 1 and 2 years of age.



Hand differences are treated surgically for many reasons – to improve stability of joints and alignment of fingers, to separate fused digits, to reconstruct missing fingers and thumbs and to correct contractures among numerous other indications.

Preoperative Instructions

The hospital will contact parents about fasting times and admission details prior to any procedure. Usually children should continue all their normal medication but the specifics should be discussed with Dr Stewart.


Children’s hand surgery is performed under general anaesthetic. Dr Stewart will go over the surgery specific to your child’s hand difference at your consultation.

Postoperative Instructions

You will be given detailed instructions specific to your child’s aftercare. If immobilization is required, a cast is generally put on in the operating theatre and stays for 5-6 weeks.

Congenital Hand Differences